Educating the Unedjumakated.

I firmly believe in gay marriage. Why should we be the only one’s to suffer? – Eric Idle

Now, it’s currently almost midnight my time, but I couldn’t wait to get back and start writing about this. This happened earlier this morning so some details might be a bit sketchy.

Thanks to George Takei’s Facebook page, I had an idea that something big happened here in the US (where I’m writing this from at the moment) for marriage equality, however the details I didn’t know since I’m not being a resident. I just knew it was something big for them. Congrats.

As we’re getting ready to leave for the day in our hotel parking lot, an older gentleman a couple of cars down said to us “Did you watch the news this morning?” Did I miss something? I thought to myself. “No” I replied. “So you didn’t hear about what happened there?” he asked. Dude, could you get an more vague? What’s this guy’s angle? I thought. “You didn’t hear about them repealing DOMA and allowing gay marriage?” DOMA? Isn’t that… oh wait… oh no way… this isn’t seriously happening! I played stupid (I do it well!). To skip some of the conversation and get to the point, he then said “They say this is an issue between adults, but my concern is for the children!” Um… what? What do children have to do with this? I’m going to guess he’s concerned about how the children would be raised? I still haven’t completely figured out his angle, and mostly because I was flabbergasted that this was actually happening!

Jeanne replied to him “So does that mean when someone commits a crime, they shouldn’t go to jail so it doesn’t affect the child or the family?”

That’s my girl! One for her.

He hangs his head. “Hmm.Yes. I see your point.”

Then he raises his head and said “I’m just concerned that a man and a woman makes a child, two men and two women can’t make a child.” So the world population is going to suddenly drop? I said “There’s plenty of children being born and in need of homes. It doesn’t matter where the love comes from, a child just needs to know the love.”

He hangs his head. “Hmm.Yes. I see your point.”

My wife closed the hatch of our SUV and he noticed out license plate. “Ah, you’re from Canada” he said, because apparently the Vancouver Canucks t-shirt I was wearing wasn’t enough of a giveaway. “You guys don’t have a problem like this up there I imagine?” I said “No, we’ve had gay marriage for a while now and have had no problems.”

At this point I’m pretty sure I heard his bubble burst. He hangs his head. “Hmm.Yes. I see…”

He then raised his head again and said “well you see, I’m just praying…” Ah, NOW I get the angle! “.. for a good outcome. I just don’t know what the outcome of all this will be”

I’m sure the expression on his face changed as the scowl crossed mine, I can only take so much ignorance. “Outcome?” I said, “The only outcome is going to be less ignorance and more tolerance being taught to a new generation who knows only love, and not a love only on conditions. Again, it’s not going to matter if the love is from a man and woman, a man and man, or a woman and woman, LOVE IS LOVE!”.

I thought of it later, but I should have reminded him that Jesus said to “Love each other as I have loved you”. Last time I read a Bible, I’m pretty sure there wasn’t an “unless…” after it.

He was silent and nodding his head. He was kind enough to shake my hand and introduced himself, and asked my name in return. “Jason” I said. He nodded and said “A good strong name”. This is the moment where I wish I could turn back time, tell him my name was “Francis” or “I’m the boy named Sue” just to see if I would get the same reaction. He wished us the best and we did in return and parted ways. I don’t know if what I said got through or he decided to gently part as he did not find the kindred spirit in me he was looking for.

I honestly had to later look up DOMA to see what exactly it was about. As I had heard someone say before, complaining about gay marriage is like complaining about a pizza that someone else had ordered for themselves.

I have to admit that in my younger days, I too was anti-gay. Once I lost the belief system that fueled that prejudice, I lost my reason to dislike. It seems silly that with all the troubles in the world, we have to legislate and constrain two people who want to commit themselves to each other. Our energy is far better focused elsewhere than to stop someone from loving another. Silly, isn’t it?


Love Letters in the Sand Some Quotes of Kahlil Gibran

“Half of what I say is meaningless; but I say it so that the other half may reach you.”

via Love Letters in the Sand Some Quotes of Kahlil Gibran.

The above quote kinda sums up my blogging style. 🙂

Khalil Gibran wrote the book “The Prophet”. Fitting, as much of his words comes from a source as if he was a prophet himself! I absolutely love his work, and I think anyone would be hard pressed to not find something in these quotes that does not speak to them in some way. Very profound!

Intuition: more words from within.

You must train your intuition – you must trust the small voice inside you which tells you exactly what to say, what to decide. – Ingrid Bergman

Intuition is truly an amazing thing.

That little voice has saved my ass more times that I can count, and made me pay in spades the times I didn’t listen. This last trip is no exception.

Long story short, we were supposed to borrow my father-in-law’s vehicle for towing our trailer down to Spokane as I still needed to do some work to my vehicle before hauling anything with it. A day before we were supposed to go, he tells us it’s inappropriate to use his as our trailer doesn’t have electric brakes. Really??? A day before we were supposed to go? This is what threw a huge wrench into the works of our trip. My vehicle is getting old. Yes, I do a lot of maintenance and have done some extensive work on it, but there’s still more to do before we do any long distance hauling. I started to get a bad feeling about this that would not go away. It wasn’t over the trip itself, just about hauling the trailer. I had to work that night and we were still deciding to go or not. A long night of debating and planning followed. Morning came the decision: yes we would still go, but no trailer.

After that decision, a lot of stress had suddenly lifted. We were still able to use his vehicle (far better gas mileage and more room). We opted for finding an inexpensive hotel room and would still stay the days we had planned. We managed to find one for less than we had thought. and the times we wanted were still available. So, off we went with no hitches (and no trailer). In talking today, my wife said that she also had an uneasy feeling about taking the trailer that lifted once we decided not to take it.

Obviously something was trying to tell us something.

Talking with the in-law’s today, we were supposed to go to the same campsite they were going to go too. They told us today that it’s a good thing they had reservations, as when they arrived, there were signs up about the campground being full. Had we followed with the trailer, chances are we would have had no spot! Not a big deal travelling alone, but a big deal with kids!

Something was DEFINITELY trying to tell us something!

This is small, but just an example of what can happen when you listen to your intuition. That bad feeling is usually there for a reason!

Cross the border!

So we decided to make a family trip to Spokane, WA from our home in BC for a few days. My wife has a not-so-secret love affair with someone named Fred Meyer, and I’m always in for going somewhere new. Now we had to do a bunch of last minute plan changes (details messy and unimportant) but managed to salvage things and here we are in the USA!

Our first stop was the Walmart in Coleville to get much of the supplies that we couldn’t bring across the border (but they can import and export, go figure). I had heard that there was a price difference when crossing the border, but I didn’t realize how much until I saw it for myself! A lot of food items were easily half the price of what we would pay up here (dairy especially).  It’s really noticeable on how much were ripped off on organic foods. A bag of baby carrots was $1.44, while a same sized bag of organic baby carrots is $1.88. We’d easily pay 50% more or more because it has an “organic” label on it in Canada! I’d be buying organic all the time if I had these prices to shop from!

Despite the bounty of cheap (or what I considered cheap) food, I also noticed a disproportionately large amount of obese people walking around the store. But, after seeing how processed food is even cheaper than fresh, I can see the trap.

Buying cheap now just means you’ll pay for it later on.





And how the hell do you guys afford fast food down here? You’re paying the same amount at a Subway as we are!?!?!?

I have a dream…

I want to make a gym, just for fat people.

Find some humorous or ironic name for it, but with serious intentions. What people would pay could be based on scale (no pun intended); as like the more weight you needed to lose, the more you needed to be there, so the less you pay. Have them with other people who are going through the same struggles and understand, and not surrounded by “perfect” bodies and juice monkeys. Have trainers who were obese themselves to serve as inspiration; perhaps use other members to show that yes, it is possible. Show the benefits and necessity of proper nutrition and eating habits, which to me is as – if not more – important as exercise.

And finally, to have a day where they must leave once they’ve reached their goal. To be able to say to them “I’m sorry, but you’re too skinny to be here. Your journey here is done. It’s time for you to go. Congratulations!” How awesome would that be!

I figure that if I put it out there, maybe the universe will one day help make it come true!

Words from within…

I’m not a believer in religion but I do believe in God, a higher power, universal energy, a spiritual presence or whatever name you decide to call it (although there are times that I do question it), and a BIG believer in Karma.

During today’s run I found a baseball mit left behind in the playing field. Good quality, near the baseball diamond, and looked expensive. “Bonus” I though “a free mit!” I decided to pick it up on my last walk around and headed back to the car. Then the internal dialogue started:

“Why did you take it?” – Why not? It was just laying there?

“What if the person comes back for it?” – True, I don’t know when the last time the field was used, so I don’t know how long it’s been here for.

“Why do you need it?” – Well I don’t have a glove if I wanted to play catch with Liam.

“And the last time you did that was?” – Your point?

“When was the last time you played baseball?” – Over 20 years. Again, your point?

The dialogue wasn’t winning that way, so it filled my head of images of someone coming back to look for a glove that they had bought with what little money they had left. The inability to play without a glove and the inability to afford a new one. A father being unable to play catch with their own child. That, and an overall feeling of uneasiness ever since I picked it up. I made it back to my vehicle, grabbed my water, turned around, and walked back to the baseball diamond with the glove.

<Sigh> Dammit. It’s the right thing to do.

I walked back to the diamond and dropped off the glove in the dugout area. I do hope the person comes back for it. I should note that while walking to the diamond I was listening to my MP3 player. When I got to the diamond, the song Affirmation from Savage Garden came on, and the chorus line “I believe in Karma, what you give is what you get return” was blatantly blaring through my ears. Sometimes God speaks to us in subtle ways.

$20 laying around is TOTALLY up for grabs though!

Today not as good, but still did it!

Today’s run was not as I hoped.

I had planned to take it a bit easier today and make some changes, but after the first run I was already feeling the effects. By the end, I was beyond tired. I did my best to maintain the 1:15 minimum run but some of my recoveries went past the 2 minutes. At first I wasn’t sure why, but realizing that it’s barely been 18 hours between runs might have something to do with it!

I still got out and did it, even though performance wasn’t up to par. I’m not going to beat myself up over it though, stumbles are expected. I wanted to make sure that I got out today anyway as my next chance to run won’t be for another couple of days. Better a poor performance than sitting on the couch making excuses why not to go. God I was tired.

Finished off with a stretch, some modified push ups, and impromptu planks.

Did I mention how much I don’t like doing planks?