DDP Yoga Review: Week One… ish…

You feel like this too?

You feel like this too?

So this has been the new “project”. While I know that I haven’t followed the program as scheduled, I still what I can when I can. Which is my I call it Week One-ish. So this review isn’t really about results as it’s in first impressions.

DDP Yoga was originally known as YRG, or Yoga for Regular Guys; this was my first exposure to it a few years back. I liked the idea of yoga (stats show that stretching alone can increase muscle strength by 30%) but I wanted something that provided more of a workout, and without all the fluff that usually goes with yoga. I happened to be walking through our local library one day and there was DDP’s book out open on the shelf. It wasn’t some ex-wrestler pushing Yoga that got my attention, it was the forward that was written by none other than Rob Zombie himself! Written very bluntly and plainly in Rob’s style and his experience and impressions. Rob aint no fluff kind of guy, and even he was impressed with the workout it gave. Hmmm… maybe there is something to this? The interest lasted briefly and then passed along like many other things. It wasn’t until Arthur Boormans video came out that I started looking at it again more seriously.

The Program stats with what’s called the “Diamond Dozen”; 12 positions that are what DDP calls “the core of DDP Yoga”. ┬áThis segment of the DVD is about 36 minutes along and is essentially a practice run, helping you get down pat these positions that are used routinely throughout the program. I had my heart rate monitor on for this one, and was just over into the 120 range, which for me, it just inside what they determine to be the “Fat Burning Zone”. This is calculated using 180 beats per minute, minus your age (the high end), and then subtract another 20 (the low end of the range). I had a good sweat sheen happening, despite ample time to rest in between positions. I figured the more structured routines could be interesting if this is just the warm up.

After a couple of times doing this first video, you can move on to the next part called “Energy”. This one is about 21 minutes long, and is the first full-on routine. I will full admit this one really had me sweating good! I thought I would be able to do most of the positions, but instead I had to use the modified positions. With how I was shaking, I’m finding a lot of muscles not used in a long time! I could really feel it later in my shoulders and abs, which were doing more support than any major work themselves. It’s really focusing on building core and support muscle groups.

If this is just the start, this could be an interesting ride!


Daddy Time.

IMG_4946 (427x640)

Last week, it was a holiday Monday here in BC.

I had just got off a night shift. I was tired and hungry. My wife was telling me that she and Liam were planning on going up to Davidson Orchards in Vernon; his favourite place in the world! They had corn on special that day, for taking home and ready to eat. I had wished I could have gone with them. With work, I had barely seen either of them that weekend, but I was feeling the effects of two nights, bad sleep, and crappy sleep patterns. As we were discussing this, Liam walked up to me, pointed his finger at my head and loudly proclaimed: “Daddy! You come to the farm with us!“.

Apparently I’m not going to be sleeping for a bit…

Times like this I need to relish while they last. Right now, he wants me around. Someday there will be a time where he’ll be to cool to hang out with his old man. I might as well enjoy this while it lasts!

A "Smile" cookie, a tractor ride, and life is complete!

A “Smile” cookie, a tractor ride, and life is complete!

I don't know why he always looks so angry eating corn?

I don’t know why he always looks so angry eating corn?

"I splash you Daddy!"

“I splash you Daddy!”




Look what came in the mail!

It's here!

It’s here!

It finally came! Now, to set a start time and get to it! Heard lots of great stuff about it and seen some amazing testimonials. I like the idea of DDP Yoga; giving the benefits of yoga without the fluff, and with the workout I’m looking for. Finally decided to bite the bullet and get it. Doesn’t look like much, (considering what I paid) so here’s to hoping great things come in small packages!

Stay tuned for more…

Back of the "Extreme" DVD. Nice!

Back of the “Extreme” DVD. Nice!