About Me.

Well, I keep staring at this page and trying to decide what to do with it, so in the meanwhile, it’ll be a work in progress.

So, what can I tell you about myself…

I’m 40 years old, married and a father of one; living in British Columbia, Canada.

I’ve worn a lot of different hats over the years and I try to bring some of those life experiences to the table when sharing my story.

I’ve always been a “big guy” throughout my life, but my weight got out of control while working (if you could call it that) for a company in AB where I was making a LOT of money just sitting on my backside. I was bored and had nothing to do, and went from a very physical job to a sedimentary one, and never changed my eating habits. Consequently, I started to put on weight. This of course depressed me – and being an emotional eater – I started to eat more. This in turn depressed me more… and was the start of a vicious cycle. In 2008, the heaviest I got to was 345 pounds. That same year we moved back to BC and I started more physical jobs and did lose 10 pounds, but hovered around 335 for a number of years.

I believe everyone needs an “enough” moment in their lives when the motivation to make the changes they need to make to improve their lives outweighs our natural fear of change. Or a situation arises where the fear of the consequences of not changing the path your on overrides everything. My “enough” moment came at the death of a friend (you can read the story here), and is where my journey truly started.

I wanted to start this blog as not only a source of accountability for myself, but to share my own thoughts, feelings, and experiences along the way. I want to show by example that a lot of what someone may be feeling or experiencing on their own journey is perfectly normal, and that they’re not alone!


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