Rethinking everything!

Since my last post, a LOT has happened, and a lot of nothing too.

Let me elaborate on the “LOT” part anyway:

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or off the internet, easily confused between the two) the last few months, you might have read the viral Gawker article from the “Science Babe” Yvette d’Entremont (aka SciBabe) going after “Food Babe” Vani Harti, titled “The Food Babe blogger is full of shit“. Basically, it puts much of Vani’s contradictions under a microscope and exposes her for being a fraud who knows nothing of what she’s talking about, despite her claims of being some sort of food guru. Granted before this I had never heard of the Food Babe, but the warning was appreciated.

SciBabe’s article also created an overnight backlash against what many would call “woo”, or any unsubstantiated claims without scientific backing. Practically overnight came the rise of the skeptic. I have to admit that the article had an impact on me, causing me to re-evaluate and re-think many things I took as cannon. Many things I looked at and took at face value, assuming the one’s providing me with accurate information had done their research. I wanted to believe. I wanted to think that everything had a natural cure for it and we didn’t have to rely on “Big Pharma”. Now, I realise the info they were giving me was not only inaccurate (lemon water changing blood ph is still one of my favourites), but they couldn’t provide proof of their claims besides “studies show”. Many of those said studies either did not exist, or came from dubious sources. I’ve always called myself an open-minded skeptic, but this taught me to take my questioning to a new level and look at the evidence at hand and face some of the new truths: GMO’s are not evil. Bees are not dying in record numbers. Organic is not better, and uses just as many “toxic” sprays as conventional farming, even though they come from natural sources. Lemons will not cure everything. Correlation is not causation. And it’s the dose that makes the poison. Hell, even water is toxic if taken in large enough quantities. I’ve started to go through my FB page and remove some of the articles and pictures that can’t scientifically be verified, or are misrepresented by trumped-up claims. I can’t in good conscience promote ideals like that anymore.

What I also got from the article, was an introduction to a fitness writer by the name of James Fell at Body For Wife. James has become my own guru in a way. He has exactly what I’ve been looking for; someone who’s going to give it to me straight with no BS. He’s not trying to sell me on products, supplements or a system. He’s honest, to the point, tells it as it is, and can scientifically back his claims and methods. He’s done his research on research. I’m not going to go on about him or I’d be here for a while. I highly recommend anyone to check out his website and follow him on FB.

As for the lot of nothing, well that’s been everything that’s happened (or hasn’t) up until about a month ago.

That will be the next blog post.