Why a Blog?

“Half of what I say is meaningless; but I say it so that the other half may reach you.” – Khalil Gibran

Primary reason: Accountability
In the past, if things fell apart, it was just me I disappointed, and I’m used to disappointing me! I needed to put myself out there (the peanut gallery can shut up now) so it’s not just me I have to answer too. I’m told this can help with success. I’ve mulled for a while about starting this blog, and I if I expected to see any serious results, it was time to finally get it going. I figure that the more people watching me, then the more inclined I am to get off my backside.

So far, it’s been working!

Sharing Lessons Learned
I’ll guarantee you, every person who’s overweight has dome some kind of research into types and styles of weight loss techniques that are out there. Some they’ve applied, some have overwhelmed them, and some have been successful.

Sharing what I’ve learned, little tips and tricks, and what I feel is useful information is my goal. Hopefully in my ramblings will be something of use to you.

Naturally, everything is subject to interpretation, use at your own risk, consult your doctor, say your prayers, take your vitamins, be good little Hulkamaniacs…, etc…

I’ve heard that Journaling is supposed to be a good form of therapy. However, I don’t see the point in spending time writing if no one is going to read it! Actually, a few years back I used to write semi-professionally for some Paintball magazines. I used to go under the name of “Sniper Bob”. It was more of a hobby I could make a few bucks at then a career. I liked it, but my drive and focus back then was even less than what it is now (yes I know… hard to believe. :-P), and I never became what I had the potential to become. Now I’m not getting paid for it (maybe someday again), but I do still enjoy writing, and I’m harder on myself to produce something than any editor ever was.

I miss writing, and this gives me a chance to express that side of myself.

Oh Yes. Completely. Absolutely! See above.

Hope and Inspiration
I can’t even describe how honored I feel when I have a friend tell me that my journey has inspired them to either start their own journey, or to pick up one they dropped. Although I’ve turned into one of those “If I can do it, you can do it” sort of people, it really is the truth. There’s been hard times, but overall, the journey so far hasn’t been that bad, just long. But, to make good habits stick, this can’t be done quickly either.

I’m trying to be very honest about what I’ve been going through and feeling so others know that what they may be feeling and experiencing is just part of the process, it’s to be expected, and is very normal.


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